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French Alliance
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Redesign and development of the French Alliance website.

About the client

The Alliance Française is a non-profit cultural association, dedicated, for more than 120 years, to the teaching of the French language, the dissemination of French culture and the Franco-Peruvian cultural dialogue.
It belongs to a network of more than 1300 centers around the world; currently has 11 French Alliances in Peru.



Redesign the Alianza Francesa website and turn it into a website with good design and easy use for both its students and the general public. In addition to creating a timetable browser in which your students can easily consult their French courses.



We start by identifying the users of the page and what they are looking for. We identify that students enter the page regularly to see the schedules, another group who are those interested in studying French read the academic section and finally the cultural ones formed by the students and the general public visit the cultural section.
By having this information, they began to work on the design of the website. In agreement with Alianza Francesa a modular design was proposed, thus achieving a modern and clean web for all users. In addition to implementing a friendly and easy to use schedule search engine for students.
The redesign of the website also involved delivering a page that is easy to administer.


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