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Cloud-based technologies
for companies
that want to scale

At Glajumedia we provide the perfect combination
Cloud of flexibility, scaling, security and quality
that goes hand in hand with our consulting services
strategic analysis and migration in order to create the best result for your busines


Cloud integration

¿Requires a hybrid cloud solution to achieve unified services?. Glajumedia helps you integrate your applications with the cloud to get correct operation and avoid interruptions.


Cloud Backup

¿Do you need to back up your files, databases, images, etc?
Glajumedia offers you various tools and strategies to perform your backups in the Cloud. We have the solution according to the size of your organization.



Migration to the cloud is a strategic decision, which focuses on the business and requires a solid assessment of the needs of your organization.
Glajumedia advises you on the best migration strategy towards the cloud.



¿Do you need a team to help you maintain your cloud environments.
At Glajumedia, we help you to manage your Cloud platform, guaranteeing complete operating environments in the cloud, and so you can continue to taking care of your business.


At Glajumedia we create projects with Technology. Development of Web and Mobile Applications / Web design / Ecommerce / Solutions in the AWS cloud. Perú.

We offer solutions